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  1. Please implement Collapsible Tree notes. This is a huge minus right now for Evernote. I use Evernote for everything - except my tree-notes, which I still use OneNote for. Bummer.
  2. Can't argue with that - and yes, lack of hover tooltips for keyboard shortcuts is a drawback, but it is what we have now, in the meantime. I am not sure I understand your comment re the <pre> tag - With Alternote, I see a full menu of formatting functions, allowing backgrounds and borders. Am I missing something? See attached images.
  3. Does your question refer to Alternote or Evernote? Code blocks work for both in their respective free versions. Evernote has its limitations, as we have already noted, while Alternote does not. However, after using Alternote for a few days, I can tell you that I have experienced some bugs and inconsistency using the Chrome add in. It could be that their IOS app is more stable. Still, it is worth the download. Also, very important - you have to enable autosave for it to autosave - it doesn't happen by default.
  4. Thanks to johndoe7, the problem seems to be solved - if you don't mind using Evernote web. He mentioned the Alternote Chrome add-in. Alternote happens to be a Mac based note taking app, however PC users can still benefit, as it is fully backed by evernote, and the chrome add-in is fully integrated into evernote's chrome interface. See his post here Add the Alternote add-inn and play around - is great! Background color, number formatting, code or other blocks regardless of indent level... wow!
  5. Allow Code Block formatting inside bullets As it is now, one can not format as Code Block inside a Bullet or a nested numbered list. If you want to format that way, you have to back out of inner numbers or Bullets to create your code block. This would be OK if the numbering would continue from where it left off - but it doesn't - it restarts. Even this would be OK if Evernote would allow us to set numbering from a certain point, so that we could resume the list properly - but alas, that is not allowed either (see my request here ). To get around this omission, I would even accept the allowance of background color formatting (of course inside bullets as well), and I would just use the Courier New font and a gray background... So that is where this dovetails with other requests for normal formatting features in Evernote - and Background Coloring is definitely one that I would want. Until this time, I have been resorting to pasting images of code into lists - but this is not searchable, so it isn't a very good solution at all.
  6. I couldn't find this in previous posts - forgive me if I missed it... Often I find that in long numbered lists there is a glitch that causes the numbers to reset to 1. I then have to waste a lot of time trying to find the spot that the glitch occurred (sometimes it's a shift-return that went bad, or something like that). It would be helpful if one were able to just right click on the problematic number and set it to the number of our choice.
  7. +1, in a big way. One note doesn't do a great job at it - if Evernote does even half as good they will pick up a lot of new users and keep their current happy.
  8. Hi, While Evernote is great and I can't live without it, I find that missing these two features negatively impacts my Evernote experience: 1) Ability to multi-select non-consecutive note content by hitting ctrl+select, etc..., as one can do in Word and most other windows apps 2) Some form of format copy, or format painter. Without this, it is painstakingly hard to format notes after a class for better organization. I have gotten over this shortcoming by pasting into word, reformatting there, and pasting back into Evernote, but one should not have to do this.
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