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  1. Thank you! Searching seems to work now, my failures with this before seemed to be also due to not having notebooks explicitly shared with me. Bringing the official SDK up to date with calls like listAccessibleBusinessNotebooks and listWorkspacesWithResultSpec would certainly be appreciated; I would happily put in a formal feature request for this I'll see if we can get a token for the vault user, but that's probably outside the scope of this thread... Again, thanks so much for your help!!
  2. @rezecib Thanks for this - I went ahead and copied the definition for listNotebooks and changed this around to call listAccessibleBusinessNotebooks; this seems to work and definitely lists more notebooks than I was able to see before. As I wrote this I was wondering why the lists were different, and I think I was getting confused due to being an admin of the business, which meant I could see a lot of notebooks that weren't showing up in that list as they hadn't been explicitly shared with me. For the cases you described above, would #1 ("Get all notebooks in the business") be a different API call? And to expand the topic slightly, is there a call like findNotesMetadata that works across all accessible/visible business content? Examples or a guide on how to handle API searches with business accounts would be appreciated also. Thanks again for your help so far, much appreciated!
  3. Hello, Thanks for the responses. To start with, I'm trying to enumerate the notebooks available to me as a business user, so I guess option #3 that @rezecib outlined. I'm unsure how to do this, and have tried listing shared and linked notebooks, but neither of these correspond to the full list of notebooks available in the business to me using the client or web API, and indeed list only a small fraction of them. I've attached the relevant portions of my current code, which as you can see is based on some of the example code available on the official site/GitHub code. Very grateful for any assistance! forumcut.py
  4. I can see from inspecting HTTP requests with a web session evernote web that the API call I need might be named "listWorkspacesWithResultSpec", but I can't find any documentation or implementations of this API call.
  5. Having recently joined Evernote as a member of a business, we have started collaborating primarily through Notebooks within Spaces. I'm trying to use the API to programmatically access these notebooks, but haven't found a way to enumerate them; I've tried the business example from https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/business.php, but the Notebooks from spaces are not showing up. Is there a guide or documentation on how to use spaces with the API?
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