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  1. I was able to generate the developer token from the below URL link: https://sandbox.evernote.com/api/DeveloperToken.action Can you please help me with assigning additional permissions for the developer token i.e., I would need to access the SCIM APIs (https://m1.svc.evernote.com/scim/v1/Users) to manage users with the help of developer token. Regards, JS
  2. I can update the user attributes like userName, familyName, givenName, formatted, active and displayName using API [Method=PUT , URL=https://<host>/scim/v2/<id>] and I tried to do the same with the password attribute , It responds with status [200 - OK] , but the user's password is not updated. Is there any other API is available for password reset?
  3. For Evernote SCIM API, I am able to do CRUD Operations using Bearer token from Admin Console -> Integrations -> SCIM -> token. As per our requirement, I need to generate the token using Three Legged OAUTH Flow (Authorization code flow/ Implicit Grant flow). Is there any other API's available for Three legged OAUTH flow in Evernote SCIM API?
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