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  1. jumping cursor and duplicate notes Evernote is now just unusable. I am another user of many years with thousands of notes. This issue may be the one that pushes me over the edge. I am frustrated and angry. This must get fixed. I will keep checking back here while I search for a new note taking app. Ps: As others have said, fancy new features mean nothing to me. I am not interested. I just need the basics to work!
  2. Too many problems on Pixelbook I recently purchased a Google Pixelbook and hope to make it my primary computing device, in place of my Win7 desktop PC. I was happy to find that Evernote installed quickly and easily. It does work and it is very fast. Unfortunately, there are so many things that are missing or do not work correctly that i find myself going back to my old and very slow PC when i need to use Evernote. Are there plans to improve this version of Evernote? I will list some of my issues below. Maybe I am just missing fixes for some of them.
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