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  1. OMG! I am so happy this has FINALLY been resolved! Now it will, at long last, be a useful tool again. I had to completely abandon using it because it was so frustrating moving things around. I would say thank you to the Evernote team except that it took so long to get a response on this. It has literally been over half a year that I haven't been able to use something that should never have been broken in the first place. Evernote -- please do not make any other "improvements" that break existing functionality. Thank you very much. :-)
  2. I am having the same issue. I just installed the latest update this morning hoping they have finally fixed this issue, but no luck. So frustrating. I tried submitting a ticket to Evernote a couple months ago and it took forever to get a response. See below for the response I finally received. I figured it must just be my computer having issues based on this response (but it is funny that it is happening on all my computers, along with my wife's). Glad to see I'm not alone in my frustrations. I literally don't even use this "feature" any more because it is so annoying. Hope someone at Evernote will listen and get this fixed! --------------------------------------------------- I appreciate your patience as we work through an increase of support requests. This is not typically the experience you should expect and we hope to return to our standard wait times as soon as possible. I understand that the Evernote Helper is not inserting screenshots as you expect in Notes. To help me investigate this issue, I would like to gather some more information: Since when did this start occurring? Did something change on your Mac? Could you send me a screenshot of this effect? Could you send me a screen recording of the effect. You can provide a screen recording using QuickTime Player, which is already installed on your Mac. To do that, follow these steps: Open QuickTime Player from your Applications folder. Select File > New Screen Recording from the menu bar. Click the red record button. You can choose to record part or all of the screen. To record part of the screen: Drag your cursor to select the region of the screen you want to record, then click Start Recording in the middle of the screen. To record the entire screen: Click anywhere on the screen to start recording. Stop recording by clicking the stop button (square enclosed in a circle) in the menu bar at the top of your screen, or pressing Command + Control + Esc on your keyboard. Save the file to your computer by clicking the x button in the upper left corner of the movie, typing a name in the "Export As" field, choosing the location to save it in the "Where" field, then clicking Save. Attach the saved file to your email response to me. Last but not least, could send me an Evernote Activity log. To send an activity log, please follow these steps: Open the Evernote app and sync your account Go to Help > Activity Log... from the menu bar Click Save As to save the log as a file on your computer Attach the saved log file in reply to this email The activity log contains a detailed log of steps that Evernote performs and is helpful for diagnosing the problem you may be experiencing. The activity log also contains information about your account, your device, and your location information (if enabled). The titles of your notes, tags, notebooks, attached files, and, if your account was having network syncing errors, some of your note content, may also be contained in the activity log. You may edit the log file to remove anything you do not want to send us. We treat activity log data as confidential information, and the terms of our Privacy Policy apply. I appreciate your help with this and look forward to your reply.
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