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  1. I have not seen anything, it's as if they have changed something out for their benefit under the hood, not ours as users. This looks exactly like Chrome/Chromium PDF reader, embedded like an iFrame. If there is a reasoning I would be very interested in seeing it. The combination of annotating PDFs, creating the summary page at the start, and displaying that as an embedded image/pdf preview was a great handling of PDFs.
  2. Are you serious? Every time someone has a complaint about EN, you jump to their defence, regardless of what it is. Just 2 comments above yours is the below. To simply downgrade does lock us out of everything and everything EN does from this point on. Including bug fixes, security patches, etc, everything. Simply downgrading is not an option!
  3. I've been around these forums enough to know that EN staff don't take input from the user base here. There is so much overlapping requests from people that are ignored, it's as if they should clear out the requests and start a fresh (or remove completely if they don't plan on working on them).
  4. Neither of those things. This is what I see right now What I used to see was that "Summary" annotation page as if it was an image on the page. I would annotate key elements, and have EN show them within the note, so I never had to go into the PDF except for deeper information. Now I have an iframe, that has what looks to be the chromium PDF viewer. It shows the summary and all pages in one big scroll. So now there are 2 scroll bars on the side of the note, plus the summary annotations does not all get included within the iframe size (this one does, it's an example with 1 annotati
  5. To keep getting bug fixes and security patches we should all be up to date. Also at some point EN will drop support for that version. If I have an issue and raise a ticket they will ask me to update, as upstream has the bug fixes.
  6. So no, you can't set it back, they've forced this change upon everyone. Thanks for the link though :-)
  7. How do I set it back to old style? I really dislike the iframe of chromium for PDF viewer.
  8. Surely from that, the UI can break that into notebooks. Whether or not they are saved like that on the back end no-one cares. When GMail first had labels, they were flat too. Then there was a GMail labs feature which would convert labels named "Novel/Characters" into a Novel and Characters subfolder within the UI. The label was exactly the same and on non supporting clients that's how it was shown. It is just a UI representation, not a whole design change.
  9. There is a danger of this route, as you can easily double tag and remove tags by accident. Then you have non-tagged notes which live in an abyss. A notebook is a place, not a tag, the note lives there.
  10. Anyone know if there is an option to revert this? I have annotated a lot of PDFs, so the summary page is shown with key information in a clean way. What I have not just looks like an iframe of chrome PDF viewer.
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