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  1. Hello Everyone! I got a tip for you if Clipper has suddenly stopped working on Windows 10 (x64). A few minutes ago I wanted to use Evernote's own Clipper to make a screenshot and save it in a note in the same step. Well it didn't really work. Then I remembered, that after a recent update of my browser (Opera), it refused to take screenshots of certain sites, that it considers private. E.g. the Speed Dial page, which kind of makes some sense. So I used Windows 10's Snipping Tool. And by the way that was the browser extension (Web Clipper) and now I was in Excel and that seemed unrelated. However something was strange as I pressed my shortcut, which is Evernote's default Win + Shift + S, I did't get the "crosshair" I'm used to, but the entire Screen went pale, as if I were using the Snipping Tool. But no window opened like it used to in Windows 7's time. Anyway I opened a blank note,pressed Ctrl + V and voila, there was a screenshot inserted. It turns out that Windows 10 has stolen this Evernote's default shortcut Win + Shift + S for its own Snipping Tool and you have to change it to something else, if you'd like to use it. I'll go with the above mentioned Ctrl + PrintScreen. Hope I could help some fellow victims
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