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  1. ooOOooOoOoo...what if we could also drop a note link in the mac menu/dock?!
  2. I agree with this feature request. I like to have my related note links handy, so that for instance, on my phone—just tap a link to get to a related note. Simple. True, there are workarounds, but they are time-consuming and likely beyond the novice user. Navigating back to search, typing in search parameters, fighting autocorrect, scrolling to find the note I need, clicking on the wrong one, going back, eyeballing search results again, trying to engage in conversation simultaneously...NO. Not user-friendly, period. Evernote is elegant in it's simplicity. As advanced users, we sometimes forget that these workarounds are not so simple for novice users to grasp. This function can *and SHOULD* be improved.
  3. Example (see image below): The green links allow me to navigate within the Evernote app. The blue public links allow friends to navigate easily between notes that I have made public. The issue: I find it tedious to insert both links. Non-Evernote users who I share notes with are confused by the difference between the green & blue links Proposed solutions: Offer an option to automatically insert both the blue and green links at the same time, or Offer an option to insert a link that works both in the app and for the public. An icon could be used to indicate which links are publicly accessible.
  4. The ability to highlight multiple images and resize them all at once would be amazing! I've been waiting for this feature for years—it would be a huge time-saver!
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