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  1. So i did try all the suggestions and unfortunately, none worked. Further digging through archives and searches seems to indicate this is a long standing issue with trying to import items from Google Keep, which I neglected to mention. So, my apologies for wasting time with an issue that's been around for a while. In the end, I think I'm stuck sharing individual notes via the Android app from within Keep, which works perfectly, except for the fact that it has to be one at a time. Still, isn't that many at the moment and I should be able to transfer over what I need.
  2. Well, I won't get into what does or doesn't constitute a bug, but will try to better explain what I've tried and why it isn't providing an expected result. I have a folder of .html files that are not being imported into Evernote using the Tools>Import Folder. I am only wanting to do this as a one-time workflow (i.e. once I've gotten these imported I will remove the connection to that folder). I have the Import Folders options set to import to a notebook called Inbox and to retain files in the folder. I have confirmed that the files are valid using my browser. I have confirmed that
  3. I'm trying to import some HTML files from another note taking app using the Tools>Import Folder option, per the Evernote help page. I've unpacked the zip file, but Evernote will not import any of the HTML files in the folder. It did import the JPGs (approx 8 of them) but won't touch the HTML files. My monthly upload just reset so I don't think that's at issue. The files names are just alphanumerics; my path is just to a folder on my desktop. Anybody else seeing this issue? OS: Windows 10
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