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  1. thanks for your suggestions, but i already merge notes, screenshot/copy/paste;etc..REALLY? go to a 3rd app to capture screenshots to create one relevant note? why do windows users have to do that when we know it's possible to do better?. evernote is supposed to be a PRODUCTIVITY TOOL, which means minimizing keystrokes and STEPS. i offered a SUGGESTION to the powers that be at EVERNOTE, to provide similar functionality to windows users as is available on the mac version, which allows multiple successive screenshots without engaging a THIRD app... no CLIP/COPY/PASTE. c'mon EVERNOTE DEVELOPERS
  2. maybe you didn't understand what i meant.... the evernote version on my mac allows me to capture and include as many (?) screenshots as i need... i haven't seen a windows version do that. it just captures and closes. if i've missed something, please advise. thanks
  3. I started using evernote several years ago on my Mac but had to go to Windows a couple of years ago due to my customer base. I now realize that I miss certain features on the Mac version a LOT, e.g., the ability to grab as many screenshots as I need for a single-topic note. If that ability exists in Windows, didn't find it; I looked before submitting this. Many of my notes require multiple screenshots, which means I have to use another app, then copy and paste. PLEASE fix this.
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