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  1. I have an update: so ideally I didn't want to work across 2 apps. I add things quickly on the go and need to see tihngs quickly too, so having to open a pdf will annoy me. After some research I decided to buy a new keyboard from mazec and now when i open that up it has a space at the bottom of the screen with good recognition and tool which allow me to work within evernote. there are some palm touching probs which i'm trying to work out, but this has been the best work around to stay within the walls of evernote.
  2. Hi. I've been using Evernote for a very long time albeit in a basic way so I want to stay on baord rather than migrate to another application. This weekend I have tried to simplify and speed up my workflow by handwriting notes and keeping them within my evernote. I have a few general and then specific questions: Essentially i'm enjoying handwriting my notes (quicker for me and I've learned about the science behind memory recall being better than typing), but i need apple's scribble to turn that into text so that I can copy and paste these notes into word documents etc. I have been able t
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