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  1. After fetching the note from a shared notebook via getNote on shared note store using a shared auth token, I m not able to figure out the author/creator of the note. The integration service I am currently developing needs to know the creator of the note. On fetching several notes, i found the author and creatorId field in the NoteAttributes of the Note Thrift object to be empty (None). Is there a reliable way to successfully find out who the creator of the note is in a shared notebook is. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Images in a note created using the Evernote API appear fine on the desktop apps but they are missing when I view those notes on the Web App. Also, When i quickly switch through the notes on the web app the images do appear for less than a fraction of second but then disappears. Any help would be really appreciated.
  3. The company i work for develops a note/research management system which provides an option to the clients to sync their notes to Evernote and vice versa. Hence, the system relies heavily on the Evernote api. So when the user syncs for the first time, we fetch all his notes, save them into our system and store the time at which this sync was done. In the following iterations, we fetch all the notes updated/created by the user after the last sync time stored in our system, using the NoteFilter provided by Evernote. In the existing architecture of Evernote, suppose the user adds tags to a note without modifying the content of the note, in this case we are unable to fetch this particular note using the note filter since the updated for this note isnt modified (Since, Updated for a note doesnt get modified on addition of tags to a note) . Any solutions/ work arounds for this particular problem will be appreciated. Thanks!
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