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  1. I am a retired software developer and businessman. I want to tell you Evernote is the best application I have ever used, and I have been using many apps on Windows and Mac for many years. Keep up the great work.
  2. Wow! Thanks to both of you. I tried dragging multiple selected files to the icon, and it worked. I will try the PC import folder next. You solved my problem.
  3. After struggling for years to go entirely paperless, I am delighted to have found Evernote. Its search capability is unbelievably good, and its UI is superb. There is only one feature it lacks for my use. I have built databases over the years that contain 500 to 2000 documents. These Access databases include some metadata with each document that provide a way to search through them, which is unnecessary of course in Evernote. I have been able to extract the document images--nearly all pdfs, but also including some other formats--from the databases and place them in a folder, one file per document. My problem is getting them into Evernote as individual notes. I only need to do this once, as I will be scanning or entering all newly acquired documents manually. I found that I can use Finder's Add to Evernote command on each file name, and it does exactly what I want. But, it only does it one file at a time; it is not present if I select multiple files. I have actually imported over 500 documents using that command, but it is a mind-numbing repetitive task. The obvious thing would be an extension of the command to multiple files for the Mac and the equivalent one for the PC.
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