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  1. gazumped — Thanks! It was actually easier than that: I deleted the earlier "MacBook Pro" from the Sync list and all was well. It (the Evernote god) kept the "Current" "MacBook Pro" so I didn't have to add it back. Case closed!
  2. I just updated (from within the Mac app) to v7.11. I got a window asking me to log in. Then a window asking me to upgrade: I have the free version, good for syncing on two devices. I got to a window showing a list of my devices. It listed my MacBook Pro, my iPhone, then my MacBook Pro again. ??? I don't want to delete one listing of my Mac only to have the other listing locked out of syncing. What's up with this bugginess? Please see attached screenshot of the list. Thank you for any tips and help! Screen Shot 2019-06-26 at 10.00.46 AM.pdf
  3. I'm using Evernote for Mac v7.1. In Preferences I have my default font size set to 14 pt. For some new notes I want to use a font size of 16 pt, which I choose with the Format > Show fonts window. And it works fine if I never stop typing. But, if I hit return and then pause and then type, the new text reverts to 14 pt, my default size. Is there any way to fix/prevent this from happening? Thank you!
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