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  1. This is definitely a newly introduced bug in the 6.14 update. It appears that Evernote doesn't handle multiple adjacent spaces well. Another way to see this bug at work (assuming it is the same broken functionality), is try pasting some text over some existing selected text. Assuming a typical sentence structure, you will lose the leading space before the selected area. Example: 1) Say you have the sentence "This is some text" 2) Copy some text to the clipboard, even from the same note body. In this example we'll use the word "my". 3) Select the word "some" from the sentence abo
  2. I actually disagree with this statement. Some of the most annoying bugs I have endured through the versions of Evernote have been while working on "basic notes." The newest one I am dealing with is the latest v6.14 of the Windows app removes leading spaces when pasting content over selected text. Even pasting content copied from the same note. That's removing leading spaces OUTSIDE of the selected text area being pasted into. I was ecstatic that they finally fixed the jumpy "selective focus" bug that has been hanging around for years. Now I see even more bugs than pre-v6.14. I am giving
  3. It's Finally Fixed! I can confirm that the latest stable release of Evernote for Windows v6.14.5.7671 (307671) Public (CE Build ce-48.0.5483), installed on Windows 10 Pro version 1803, seems to have fixed this long-standing focus problem. In a chain of previous versions (for over a year now) this focus problem has consistently manifested itself by losing window focus on the first key press after the first time entering the note contents field while there is an active search in the note list pane. All of my notes are relatively plain text, with a few rich text elements thrown in. I do n
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