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  1. @DTLow I am using evernote on my laptop as well as on mobile (only for reading my notes). Laptop for data entry and I work on OS window 8. Since backup is paid feature and I was not aware that such an option is available for now I have rewritten my lost notes. If the need ever comes I shall subscribe thank you. @TK0047 Hey there, yup that problem had happened to me on 6.8 version. I have uninstalled it and downloaded 6.9 version and installed it (*I did not update since I was not sure if the bugs from 6.8 would be removed so I just uninstalled 6.8 altogether - ** sync the data before you uninstall). Its been 4 days since I switched to 6.9 (have worked on it for almost 25 hours now) and fortunately no issues till now. Also now I make MS word documents as back up just in case. Ctrl +A , Ctrl + C and Ctrl +V = no future frustrations. Please try that Hope this helps =D
  2. I have around 80 notes in 11 notebooks each note has its own heading.. the data I have entered in one note is replaced by the data i have written in an entirely different note from different notebook but the heading of the note remains same. this has happened thrice to me now.. the data is now permanently lost. Cant find it in trash also. Please help and do necessary
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