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  1. Hello people, I'm glad to tell you that my database was not lost! I've made the backups and tested to import some notes, before letting the wipeout happen. That must have bumped the local database timestamp. So when EN synced, it didn't erase any of the notes. Moreover, all the notes where synced without taking up the monthly quota (it took some time of course). So, in short, when having a last standing database (even when the notes have been erased on the servers): 1) First, don't let EN sync, by disconnecting from the Internet. 2) Backup the database up at CalS said: 3) Modify the local database (I imported some notes from backup and deleted some others). 4) Let it sync. The more recent timestamp SHOULD let the database be updated to the servers. Thank you all for your support. Happy Evernoting!
  2. Thank you DTLow and CalS for your prompt responses. Will try that next week, when I get to use my laptop again. It may be a good chance to do some clean up when exporting, in order to decrease the upload volume. Thanks again, will report back next week.
  3. Hi Evernote team, I just formatted my computer (the Windows partition), but left my EN database untouched at some path at D:\application-data\Evernote. I launched EN without reinstalling (the program was still there at D:\programs\Evernote), and it asked me to log in. I logged in to my account, so EN started syncing my notes. To prevent EN from downloading all my stuff from servers, I changed the database location to D:\application-data\Evernote. To my surprise, and without any prompt, EN replaced my entire database with the "fresh" one, which is strictly newer, and from the same account, but only has a single notebook with a single note it could sync (in the little interval between launching the app and changing the database path), instead of the loads of notes, notebooks and tags I've created. Furthermore, EN synced after that, so my web content was also wiped clean. I know I have a basic account, because it fits my workflow well. I've been considering upgrading, but then this happens. I still have a chance of recovering my database from another laptop, which I can't access right now. For good measure, I disabled all my devices from the webapp. My question is: How can I make sure that my laptop's database won't be wiped clean when I log in on that computer? Maybe I just need to back it up, touch the files and let them be synced again. Will try when I can access that computer. I would like to ask for some warning before the overwriting occurs. Sure, I could have legit gone offline and ditched all my notes. Then, on sync, EN would have rightfully wiped them. But then again, the "blank slate" database had been just generated from scratch, automatically. It didn't have any history in common with the thousands-notes-database that was silently deleted. Moreover, trying to recover the deleted files through file recovery software proved impossible, since the blank database overwrote the files with the same names (which is understandable). Thank you all for your support. Besides this mishap (which I hope to solve), I truly believe EN is an excellent tool.
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