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  1. @ObviousBob Thanks for mentioning Drafts Quick Capture I really liked its concept but before giving it a try I would like to know its performance compared to iOS Notes app. Notes also opens a new note which can be forwarded to Evernote when we access Notes from Control Centre. I don't have any use case of Evernote Widget without its quickness to capture ideas.
  2. Hi, I would like to have a feature which can quickly jot down my ideas in as few steps as possible, Currently I have to follow these steps: Swipe right to access the widget Tap on a new note Enter touch id for iPhone unlock Enter touch id for Evernote unlock Write a note. Could you please make it down to three steps such as: Swipe up to access Control Centre Tap on Notes (which brings up a new note screen directly) Write a note It would be great help if we can access New Note from iOS control centre.
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