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  1. Ohhh guys thank you so much!!! Now it worked with the Display Settings and the 100 % resolution ! I had to restart the laptop first. Last time I didn't. Have a perfect sharp screenshot now :). Yeah!
  2. thank you ! I am using Windows 10 and did all the things you told me but still - the screenshot is blurred as in the picture at the start of my post. That's so weird :((
  3. oh wow - that's strange. Thanks for the answers. I am on Windows and using Chrome. I didn't have a look for the monitor settings. Where can I find them?
  4. Hey guys ! I was wondering why I couldn't find lots of other discussions for this topic. Am I doing something wrong or does anybody else doesn't get sharp screenshots with the Webclipper? It annoys me a lot so if anyone has a solution for me, I really would appreciate it a lot ! Thank you in advance I attach one example
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