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  1. Yeah I get that. Mobile has to sacrifice something as it's not big enough and a totally different interaction with the user as well. I guess I've just never been a big fan of the iOS version. I used to have an Android and I liked that quite a bit. I was using the iOS version on my iPad Air 2 in a meeting today and was trying to switch between two different notes and it was kind of a pain. I love the Mac version. Or maybe I should say that I prefer the Mac experience over Windows. It would just be nice if it wasn't "lagging" as you said. That sort of stuff always gets me wanting to try something else.
  2. DISCLAIMER: This is nothing more than a whine on my part. I love Evernote! It's the best note taking/organizational app out there in my opinion. This could be an age thing (I'll be 48 in a couple of months) but I find myself getting frustrated with the Evenote experience across different platforms. Currently, I use it on my Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Windows 10 PC at one of my jobs. I've been a Mac guy for a few years now and when I got this part time job that has me on a Windows 10 PC, I installed Evernote. The look and experience is quite different. It was like learning a new app. I know a person could get away from that by using the web app but I don't the web app either and it too is completely different. Almost over simplified. iOS is another almost completely different app. A little more like the web app but different enough that it doesn't feel the same as the other platforms. So as I mentioned, it could be my age but to me it's just one of those things that makes using Evernote, less fluid than I wished it was.
  3. For macOS users: How To Access The Classic Evernote Link Right click on the desired Evernote Note you wish to link to Hold down Option on a Mac . You will see the “Copy Note Link” change to “Copy Classic Note Link.” Select “Copy Classic Note Link.” Paste the Classic Note Link to the desired location. Found this answer (that works) at: https://blog.jasonfrasca.com/open-evernote-note-links-directly-on-the-desktop-again-5ccd8bfaa48a
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