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  1. @10gallonhat -- Per Evernote, you'll only be able to use Evernote's OCR if the scanned files are in JPEG format, not PDF. Hopefully, that'll help!
  2. Hi All -- Steven from Rocketbook here and I hope I can be helpful. For iOS, we just pushed out a release that should fix this issue. Please note that Evernote OCR Search for handwritten text only works if: Your handwriting is legible. The scanned file is in JPEG format (per Evernote, OCR search for handwritten text does not work on PDFs.) In addition, you'll need to make sure that the JPEG file is indexed by Evernote (this may take a few minutes at times). To check if it has been indexed, click on the JPEG file, go to Note --> Show Note Info. We just did a round of tests on our Android and iOS apps and confirm they are working. The success rate isn't 100%, but it's workable. Hope that helps! Steven
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