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  1. In web I know all of those are doable HTML+JavaScript+CSS as in the example i sent but on the desktop I'm not sure what would be the code behind. HTML+JavaScript+CSS is just the web-front end languages. On desktop you would probably use C# with some content processing libraries, where you would need to add a similar logic to the one that the example does with JavaScript in the web scenario.
  2. Here is an example that you can run and test. https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_collapsible.asp It needs some javascript, there might be some challenges for the desktop version because I am not sure how would javascript be implemented in desktop version.
  3. The problem is that this has been requested years ago by hundreds of users, it seems very easy to implement, it is highly usefull and even with all this factors, no anouncement has been done by the evernote team through any channel, that I am aware of. Is there any channel that we can use to reach them? Maybe if we call and even post the code so they just paste it in the program they will add this feature.
  4. Has this been considered by the Evernote team?? This is a really useful feature for how easy it looks to be implemented. -Pietro.
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