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  1. when trying to edit notes relatively big (for example notes with more than 25 thousand words and 100 thousand characters) with Evernote app inside Android OS the keyboard freezes preventing the user to edit the note. It's not Evernote that freezes, it's the keyboard. I investigated this issue deeply and the keyboard freezes because it is tied to an always-on API that performs accessibility tasks (such as reading out loud, or grammar correction or word prediction) even if all accessibility tasks are disable the API will still be called by the keyboard because that is the norm set by the OS.
  2. This issue has been going on for more than a year for me, probably two years. I've changed my main Android device three times but the issue persists on wrecking my experience. The note is very big problem is that when Android's accessibility has access to such a big paragraph it freezes, which in consequence freezes the keyboard which then stops responding which then freezes the app itself. After unfreezing it becomes extremely slow to type each character takes more than one second to appear plus the whole grammar correction collapses in huge failure. I hope the logs attached he
  3. The fact that users can't pin notes is shameful in my view. This is so simple to resolve. So weird
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