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  1. Hello. It's my first time I ever wrote English post in the forum. So i'm afraid my English skill might not fits in your senses. I hope you could understand what I was trying to appeal. And if there's something disturb you in my post, please let me know. I will adjust it. Evernote is such a nice program. I scrap everything I like in evernote by web clipper, write everything that comes up to my mind. While I write at least 20 notes a day, The number of my notes has became quite too many. Now I have 8000+ notes in my evernote. And I even subscribed to the premium account thanks to the student sale. I usually divide my notes in various notebooks according to the projects or topics. And each projects and topics has somewhat more important notes than the other notes contained in the same notebook. For example, A note that contains every single link of the other notes. But options I could choose to align my notes is very limited. by the title, by the time it's modified, the day this note has been created... etc. So I'm experiencing some hardship in aligning my notes. Evernote already has bookmark function to dealing with this aligning matter. But it is very global, regardless of which notebook they belong to. Bookmark function is not enough for me. People that has too many notes but using it not just to archive things, but to organize their thoughts and divide their effort needs something more than bookmark. So I was hoping that if you could add sticky notes function for each notebooks. Just like sticky threads that always remain at the top of this forum. I guess in this forum, it's called 'pinned'. If I could pin some notes in my notebooks, it would be very comfortable. So I suggest you this function. What do you think about it? Thanks for your patience, and your attention.
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