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  1. Thanks for your hypothesis. But I have the same account on every devices, with the same name and same account, so I sign in with the right (and the only) one! Some several raisons for that: — my process to dedicate PW avoid that kind of mistake (I don't want to say more) — the sync function worked one time (& not with the last texts) it means that I got only one text appearing on every devices when syncing, that is the proof that it worked one time, at least ! But if refresh the sync function with a new text note, when syncing again, nothing new appear anymore (except the first text). — on the list of dedicated selected devices, I can see and managing the names of these devices — removing or adding on the fly, no problem — if I had two accounts, that tell to me this manipulation should be not possible. Btw the app reacted correctly on all that. Have a nice day.
  2. Thank you so much for you reply, but I tried it, and it dosen't works. Not at all except one very old note (what I don't know why it still there). I can tell that because I can resurect my tablet (by the use of an external LCD screen) so I choosed to sync immediately to test your answer. But unfortunately, nothing happened from the Evernote web interface server after I sign in. Happy end for me, but what a shame for Evernote, offering a solution what dosen't work by itself! And very lucky that I don't paid for an upgrade (for the premium or business version), since it dosen't works properly at all as expected. Cheers.
  3. You right, I just experienced that, since I can use a broken (but not so, because the LCD and touch screen was functional) and attached to my broken tablet (instead his totally broken screen) then to resurect all my datas from the ...twilight zone.... So I immediately sync to make an update of the data on the Evernote server, but unfortunately, that dosen't works. So I choosed by a PC to access by Evernote-web server, and no more success by this interface: empty, except one note (what proves it was working one time earlier in 2017) It's an happy end for me since I can save months of works, but what a shame for the Evernote app (sorry) what pretend to offer a sync function, maybe usable, but working under so many conditions to do it (afaik I can't make that stuff working right, but yes, I come from Macintosh world what is much more intuitive and friendly). Result is, if I can't get another screen, all my data was lost for ever, and the 'Evernote contract' of synchronization was not done.
  4. Hi folks, At this moment in time, I have two devices with Evernote. One iPad Air2 and one Samsung Tab S 10,5. I wanted to use the sync feature between the two, because my main device have a broken LCD screen (I mean, the device itself works, not the screen) but I’m totally unable to sync and find ‘quick notes’ or any saved simple text notes (from one device to another), all I see it’s only one note from a booknote, but nothing about quick text notes and such text (only) notes (since I’m unable to say how I organized these notes imside the software, because the app organized the notes itself (not like a PC nor a Macintosh where you create and organize folders yourself as you wish, and where you want, here with Evernote, it’s a proprietary and closed structure of all your Evernote datas, as I understand) So, do I have any chance to resurect the missing notes from the Samsung through my iPad, from the web or/and from a PC/Mac as the app is able and supposed to do? It’s text files only, after all... If I go for an upgrade version of Evernote (Plus or Premium), does that sync will works way back (without the need of a new configuration on both devices, by the nature and the structuration of datas inside the app itself, as promised by the 'sync' feature)? Best Regards. Loom
  5. If I go for an upgrade version (Evernote plus), does that sync feature will works? At this moment in time, I have two devices with Evernote. One iPad Air2 and one Samsung Tab S 10,5, but I’m totally unable to sync and find quick notes (from my broken LCD Samsung) or simple text notes (from one device to another), all I see it’s one unusable note from a book note, but nothing about quick text notes.
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