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  1. What bothers me the most in Evernote is the limited hierarchy for organizing notes. With stacks>notebooks>notes there are only three layers. I think this is way too less. Things are more complex. None of my notes fit into such a limited hierarchy Evernote is great for creating high-quality notes but organizing them is just frustrating me. I would like to see a hierarchy system that allows grouping Notes almost like Apple's Finders or Microsoft's Explorer: Notes can be grouped into folders Folders can be grouped into other folders Notes can be listed parallel to folders (meaning inside a folder there can folders and notes be listed in the same hierarchy layer) I must admit I am not familiar with the tag system(that may be considered as a solution) but I need my notes visually listed in such a complex hierarchy system. Just searching for what I need is absolutely no solution for this problem. If Evernote can't afford such a hierarchy system I will not be able to sort my notes in an order that makes sense and I will have to simply leave Evernote. I apologize if this was already discussed. I didn't find this very topic in other discussions.
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