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  1. This was a serious enough issue for me to downgrade to the previous version of Evernote. I'll stay with that version until this gets resolved. I've been a premium member since 2010. This is the first time I've had a problem with an Evernote update.
  2. Hi nicolml, Thanks for passing along the feedback. I would be eternally grateful for a preference setting to turn off recent notes.
  3. Yes, I agree. I know this interface change seems like a small detail, but the reason it's troubling is because it forces a change in my workflow without the ability to remove it. It's my shortcut bar… It wouldn't add any interface complexity to give me the ability to configure which options are on or off. I hope this isn't indicative of random and unmodifiable interface changes to come... I would love to have some insight into why this change was made. I assume the Evernote team was solving for some other problem and my preferred workspace was just collateral damage.
  4. I'm with you, ClaudiaV. This update is driving me crazy. I have my shortcuts set up exactly as I want them; the addition of the 'recent notes' keep pushing access to my notebooks and tags off the bottom of my view.
  5. I agree with the OP. I had my shortcuts list set up with my 37 favorite searches, tags, and links. It was the maximum amount that I could have and still have my notebooks expanded and available. With the update, I lost about 5 positions on my sidebar. I really don't want recent notes there; it's precious real estate. A preference to disable 'Recent Notes' would be enthusiastically appreciated. Also...while we're on the topic of the sidebar... is there any way to disable that new big green plus sign for 'new note' at the top? I'd love to reclaim that space as well. Thanks!
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