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  1. RY27 - good comments. I like Notion's organizational flexibility too and the look/feel are nice. It can't currently store documents and allow for editing those documents and saving back to Notion, which Evernote does well. Notion requires you to download documents, make changes and then re-upload. That's too many steps to make the other benefits worth it for me. They say this feature is coming so I might check it out again later. I'd like it if Evernote incorporated some of Notion's organizational features.
  2. When I double click on a note from the notes list in the main app window the note opens as a new tab in an already open single note window. I would prefer the note to open in a new single window. Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
  3. Thank you. I've put in a support ticket and they are looking into it.
  4. Thanks. That option appears to be missing for me in Mojave.
  5. In Mac 7.5 the "Capture Selection from Screen" appears to be missing from the right-click menu within a note (see below). I can't find it anywhere else. I use it all the time so this is a bummer. Clicking "Import Image" freezes Evernote for me. Does anyone know if "Capture Selection from Screen" has been moved? Thanks.
  6. Hi, Is there any update on when Spaces will be available in the personal version? Thank you.
  7. Update: known issue no fix. Here's the response from Evernote support: ---------- Michael M. (Evernote Help and Learning) Apr 12, 06:24 PDT Hello, Thank you for contacting Evernote support. My name is Michael and I have reviewed your ticket. It is my understanding that after syncing your Evernote account to a new Mac, your shortcuts were reset so that they now only show the generic ScanSnap shortcuts. This is a known issue that sometimes happens after syncing Evernote for Mac. I apologize as I know you spent a significant amount of time creat
  8. Great. Thanks. Do you have any ideas on how I might get my old shortcuts back? I've logged a ticket so maybe support can help.
  9. Hi, I recently synced my Evernote premium account to a new Mac with the latest version of Evernote for Mac 7.1. That machine has a ScanSnap Evernote scanner attached vis USB. Evernote had me step through the ScanSnap scanner initiation dialogue boxes even though the scanner had previously been setup under another Evernote account. When my newly synced Evernote account showed up my long list of shortcuts had been replaced with the generic ScanSnap shortcuts "Document, Business Cards, Receipts, Photos". I have that Evernote account synced on several Macs and a Windows machine. All instances
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