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  1. Hi Phil, It didn't feel right to report an ops issue in a developer forum, but I'm happy to open an issue there as well if it helps. This is using the (undocumented) JSON endpoint to clip notes. It was provided to us by Evernote indeed.
  2. Based on internal monitoring (see graph), this API started running into timeouts around November 7, 2017. There's a very noticeable response time degradation: the API used to respond in under 5 seconds on average. It is now in the 20 seconds range, when it responds. I don't know what more information I can give, or which channel I need to report this to. This is a serious issue for our customers (which are also Evernote customers). We are getting 2-3 contacts by customers every week.
  3. Still failing: 25% of the calls to the clipNote JSON API take more than 60 seconds.
  4. Bump: this is still not fixed. Out of 1300 clipNote JSON API calls this morning, over 400 have timed out after 60 seconds. The articles are properly saved in Evernote, but the server takes a very long time to respond.
  5. Hi, We've noticed a degradation of the clipNote JSON API for some of our users over the past couple of weeks. This endpoint frequently takes over 60s to complete. The note is eventually saved in Evernote, but because we have a 60s timeout and a retry loop, users end up with multiple copies of the same note in their accounts. They also frequently retry to clip a note that failed to be saved, which creates even more copies. The failure rate is pretty high: out of 93 calls this morning, 30 of them timed out. Please advise. -- David Chatenay Feedly
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