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  1. Thanks for the advice. Agree Twitter is the best customer service channel. As it goes I did contact CS but they told me they couldn't help and there was no way to re-access or de-activate the account without me having a way in. I luckily just managed to fix the issue by logging in with my Google account (had also enabled this) which allowed me to change phone number etc. without needing to use 2-step authentication - which is odd, but good. But other than that, there would have not been any way to access the account. Other apps, where I've mistakenly had this same issue (for the same reason: change phone, change device) have been able to temporarily disable 2-step verification for me once I prove my ID. But not Evernote, who tell me they have no way to ever access the account ever again. So beware!
  2. Hi All, I have this - or a similar - issue... (either way, it about gaining access to your account with 2-step)... I have a PRO account and have 2-step Auth enabled. I also have a backup device registered as my Mobile phone. I have lost my back up codes. Recently I changed mobile provider, got a new number and new phone. So, have no longer got access to either the Authenticator app or the mobile number associated with my account. I still luckily remain logged into my account via the app on my laptop. But I can't find anywhere, or any way to disable and reset 2-step authentication and/or change my mobile number without first using a 2-step code to access the security part of my account details. Any advice or help would certainly be appreciated.
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