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  1. I posted this query to another forum: Essentially, the person I have shared my notebook with is not able to see my tags when she views the notebook on the web client. Anyone else encountering this issue? Got a workaround or just hoping for a bug fix? I'd have to switch to another program if this can't be resolved.
  2. Ughh. I'll post to the Web Feedback forums I guess. Just looking at the posts there though, I'm not going to hold my breath for a bug fix for the web client.
  3. Ah, I think I've got it - it's because she's viewing the notebook on Evernote Web. I just shared the notebook with my alternative email address and while I can see all the tags in the application, I can't see them in the web app. Does that sound right? It's a bit annoying if that's the case. I need to be able to share the notebook with a number of people and don't want to have to ask them to download Evernote to view it...
  4. Hi all I've had a quick search of the forum but wasn't able to find what I needed. I am an Evernote Plus member. I have created a Notebook that contains various notes, all catalogued by a series of tags. I've just shared the Notebook with my supervisor but she's not able to sort the individual notes by the tags, which was the whole point of doing it this way. Is there a workaround for this or have I wasted a colossal amount of time? At the moment I've given her my login details so that she can see all of the tags but this is obviously not an ideal situation. Thanks Sione
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