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  1. That's a clever workaround, but tedious as well. I liked the idea of some of the other commenters here of creating a local notebook, encrypting the note there, and then moving the (now) encrypted note to the notebook I want it in. Thanks for your input.
  2. Ahh. @gazumped, you handled my query with such ease and aplomb. Thank you. I'm very comfortable with tech stuff, but I'm not a tech professional, so it's aways best if I get my question out where someone with more knowledge than I have can give me feedback.
  3. If I paste privacy-sensitive text onto a note with the intent of then immediately encrypting that text, before I can ever perform the three steps to password-encrypt that text, Evernote has already, by the autosave, sent that data, unencrypted, to its servers for storage. That data has gone, unencrypted, from my local device, when my intent the whole time was for that to never happen with that piece of text. One simply cannot encrypt data fast enough to stop the autosave from sending on that data. Am I missing anything with this analysis? Is there any way to temporarily shut down autosave to allow me enough time to encrypt? Any work-arounds?
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