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  1. Blast. That's what I was afraid of - if indeed such useful functionality has been removed. ?
  2. There used to be a green "tick" at the top of a note. The tick would be a solid colour when text was being added to a new or an existing note. The tick could be clicked to save the note before closing the note, or the note would be saved automatically, and the tick would go from a solid colour to a pale colour. That tick disappeared after the recent layout update. Is there now any way to know that some new text has been saved successfully and that the Evernote note, browser tab, or browser window can be closed?
  3. Unfortunately, the opportunity I had on that day is quite rare. I would invest the time to watch one video by the app developer about the app, but I am unlikely to sift through 200,000 videos uploaded by random people.
  4. I was delighted to find "Evernote Webinars" today, because I had the time and opportunity today to shortcut the process of learning to use this app effectively. However, I was equally disappointed shortly thereafter to discover that under the "Recorded Webinars" heading on that page, there was only: Evernote (Basic, Plus and Premium) Getting Started with Evernote (Windows) Getting Started with Evernote (Mac) ...but no Getting Started with Evernote (Android). Is there any chance of producing and publishing such a Recorded Webinar (aka video)? I hope so. T
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