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  1. Hi Shane ! We welcome the added support and focus on the needs of the growing evenote community. Welcome and thanks for being here! Trevor
  2. I have several items for feedback but because this was specific to the WEBCLIPPER and rmloveland already covered most points I limit this post to the WebClipping...I agree that the timing of clip speed is too slow and losing place when clipping is rather Annoying and also a waste of time. It would also be great if the WebClipper would remember the last Notebook and Tag set utilized for Clipping or if we could set a set of tags and notebook for a specified time period and then it would return to default settings. This way when doing specific research for a period of time isn't wasted by selecting the Clip Settings, Tags and Notebook for each clip. I love evernote as much as Tim Ferris does (self-proclaimed compulsive Notetake, Author and Series A Investor in Evernote) Thank you for the Hard work and continuous improvement to your product. Hopefully you continue to outrun the Google Keeps and Microsoft OneNotes out there!!
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