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  1. hi, I have been continually prompted by Evernote to unsync devices, or upgrade. I don't need to upgrade. But when I choose to unsync, it shows me (repeatedly) a device that i do NOT have (and Android). See attached image. What is going on? Should I be worried? Thank you. tanya
  2. Hi everyone, I have version 7.8, and this is happening with me as well. Nothing works at all. Tried so many things, and am super frustrated. Can't access any notes in any notebooks. Any new suggestions? Tanya
  3. Thank you for replying! in fact, I have done an update on both my Mac and my iOS — recently in fact. This is one reason I’m so frustrated/flustered/unhappy with Evernote. not sure why the updates aren’t “sticking”. i will try your suggestion - Thank you for taking the time to offer help!
  4. Hi everyone! I could really use help with this challenge. I've attached two images as material to supplement my question. I am using the Evernote app on my mac. Version 7.6 (457297 Direct) 1. One image attached: Shows I'm in one notebook, with over 500+ notes, and none are visible anymore. I don't know why. 2. Second image attached: Shows I go to "All notes" and none are in pane to view. I'm befuddled and have tried a few things to get the notes to appear, but have no idea what's happened. Typing in a key search term shows that a number of notes fit the match, but none appear in the pane for me to view. Thank you for your suggestions and recommendations. Tanya M.
  5. Hi everyone, Issue: I've added content to a note yesterday and all week, (including just this morning) and when I went to view the note on my mobile (iOS), none of it appeared. I opened the app on my mac (OS 10.12.6) , and sure enough, none of the content I had added int he last week was there. :-( Evernote version: 6.4 These were customer interviews I had captured and was using for an article. So I've done a capture of the activity log, and searched in Trash, but I can't find the content anywhere. I can't add the log here because it's size is bigger than what is allowed. Any ideas? Thank you, Tanya
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