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  1. As a test I emailed myself a document from my Evernote files, with a link. Just to see what is under the flag button at the bottom of the file I pressed it. To my surprise I immediately got a message that misuse was reported. I think, if I would use this way of sharing, many people would be curious to see what's under the flag button and unwillingly report misuse. Therefore I would suggest a bridge page under the flag button, which allows people to see what Evernote would mean by this button and to have a moment to think over whether this specific document would fall into that category. Would you please think this over? I think this is important, at least for my decision whether or not to use Evernote for my clients. Thanks a lot, hope to hear from you, all the best, Yvonne Olsthoorn-Melenhorst, Netherlands.
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