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  1. Thanks everyone! All good suggestions, although not perfect, I think some combination of them will get me most of the way there. I appreciate the quick and thoughtful input.
  2. @jefito Thanks - yea, I thought so. Was hoping there'd be some workaround, but perhaps not. If you were curious - the reason that I am filtering by equipment: I travel a fair bit and love to cook, but obviously I cannot travel with all my kitchen equipment. This will (hopefully) allow me to easily locate recipes based on the equipment I have available in whoever's kitchen I'm visiting 😀
  3. Thanks for the quick reply @DTLow. I'm using windows on a surface laptop by the way, though I also use the Android version as well. I don't think the suggested solution will work for me, since it might mean adding 30+ negations in a single query. If I use the same example I mentioned above - where I'm searching for recipes which require ONLY a wooden spoon & a baking sheet - then I assume my query would have to be something like this: Any note containing [wooden spoon] [baking sheet] -[pots] -[knife] -[blender] -[frying pan] -[grater] etc.....for every piece of possible kitchen equipment.
  4. Hi, I'm capturing a large number of recipes in my evernote, at least a few hundred. I'd like to use tags (or another feature) to define which of those recipes require which cooking tools. For example: Recipes #1 requires a knife, a frying pan, and a cheese grater. Recipe #2 requires a food processor, wooden spoon, and a baking sheet. Tagging them as such is fine. However, in the future I would like to be able to choose recipes based on the tools I have available. The dilemma I'm having now is - how do I filter to view the recipes which only require a wooden spoon and a baking sheet, for example? Obviously I can't filter to "any note containing the tag wooden spoon and baking sheet" since this would also return results that are tagged with these + many other tools. Any other feature or query I can use to get around that?
  5. Hi, I've recently setup an IFTTT applet so that when I mark a feedly article as "Read Later", a note is created in Evernote with the title and a link to the article. However, I'd also like to include a short summary in the same note. Since the IFTTT applet defaults to have some HTML in the content box, I thought that I could use HTML to format what is sent to Evernote, but it appears completely unformatted once it hits Evernote. Ideally, I'd like it to look something like this in Evernote: <Title in H1 Tags> <Clickable Link to Article> <Brief Article Summary in plain text> Anyone know how to accomplish this?
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