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  1. The thing is that I use 2 accounts (Personal and work, since they are linked via email) and I am the owner of both, and my personal is a PLUS account. I keep it that way so that I don't mix work with personal stuff, since my work gmail account is fully supervised.
  2. Hey guys! I believe I have a simple issue. I have 2 accounts that I use, 1 associated with my work email and other with my personal email. Usually, I create notebooks in my personal email and share them with my work account and move notes between them. Lately, in my work account, I cannot send notes to notebooks shared from my personal account. I have a little lock icon Shared notebooks show a little group icon. "Uber" is my latest shared notebook, and it doesn't show that group Icon. Is there a limit as to how much notebooks you can share between accounts? Do I need a premium account? I've attached some files and appreciate any help you guys can bring me. BTW, I use Evernote web and the Evernote app in Android. The attached screenshots are from the Evernote web & Android app. Once Again, thanks, guys!
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