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  1. Same for me Using Evernote (the new "fresh&buggy" client) on Mac, Windows and IOS, the problem is the same for all OS. I deleted (trashed and then finally deleted) ca. 100 notes in 2020. Now all these notes frequently appear in the search results. It happens for plain search and as well for tag-based queries. When I click one of the zombie notes, Windows and Mac just display a blank note, IOS warns that the note is not available (correct). Because this even appears on freshly installed machines (I got a new notebook last week), we know it is a server-side bug and not a
  2. This is really a blocker for me. Most of my notes are formatted (i.e. fixed font, highlighting), I need the formatting and I frequently need to copy content out of evernote. This bug makes the tool unusable.
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