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  1. Hello E Hello Evernote C/Services & all Evernote Forum Readers ## Pay attention, Ever since, I upgraded from basic to Evernote Premium, I have had NUMEROUS Problems, whenever, I opened the Evernote App. As, I began to type, or add more details to exising notes, it Suddenly Freeze. Then a POP UP appears, saying "Evernote is not responding, Options (1) Close the app. (2) Wait (3) Send feedback. Finally another, Pop Up turns up saying, Processing, is not responding. And, the Screen, Froze, and, I cannot, Close the app.Even turn off, my phone. After several, long lasting attempts, my phone will finally, shut down. Only then, will I be able, to go into some other, stuff, when the Phone eventually restart. Evernote, has KNOWN, this Issue for a long time. This only seem to happen, in Evernote Premium Edition. It's quite a pain in the ??⛔?? Time, they all get their Act together ? Then perhaps, "If we should continue with the Premium Edition, " may be there will come a Solution soon.
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