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  1. The setup I'm doing now is having a notebook called "Tasks" with different notes for types of tasks such as "Wedding Planning", "Work", "School", etc. This seems to be working just fine when looking at Tasks by note. But there is no way to actually sort the notes by Alphabetical Order, Due Date or anything within the note. It just shows me a list with the notes in the same order on the actual note. Is there anyway to sort tasks inside a note?
  2. Please look into enabling dark mode automatically on the Evernote app on Android 10 when dark mode is turned on system wide. Should probably look into the DayNight API.
  3. Microsoft's OneNote never had this problem, Apple Notes (Works just the same on a web browser on any device), Google Keep, etc. Evernote is the only note taking app I've ever used where this happens; what's the point of being able to use the product on multiple devices if they don't even appear the same across them and always require constant reformatting. Evernote also isn't free for more than 2 devices and they don't even have a basic feature that other free services provide. Really disappointed as I love Evernote but this bug annoys the hell out of me.
  4. Ugh, that sucks. This is practically the only reason I'm considering moving to OneNote and staying there. The only reason I didn't stay with OneNote before is because they don't have an edit button on mobile and having a to-do list with checkbox is annoying without that as you always bring up the keyboard by accident.
  5. I use Evernote on my Windows PC, on the web with my Linux machine, on my Android phone and on my MacBook Pro. I set the default font and size to Verdana and Size 14 but the font and sizes are inconsistent across platforms. If I write a note on Windows, it will be Verdana Size 18 on OSX and it's bigger on Android than normal. If I write a note on OSX, it will be Verdana Size 11 on Windows and fine on Android If I write a note on the web app, it actually works fine as Verdana Size 14 If I write a note on the android app, it sometimes defaults to Helvetica and I have to change it on Windows or OSX to Verdana How can I get consistent sizing between OS's? It is now working fine on a test note but some notes I have always change and have different fonts when I try to edit or add something on different devices.
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