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  1. Since upgrading to an iphoneX, Scannable no longer consistently recognizes business cards as business cards. When it does, they update my iphone contacts just fine. But Scannable needs a way to say, "this is a business card NOT a document."
  2. I have wondered this same thing and have had the same experience of questions not being answered. In particular, the business card scanning function, which was the workhorse for me, works inconsistently if at all. It has stopped recognizing most business cards as business cards, which renders it useless.
  3. It seems as if the problem comes in the LinkedIn connection. When I sign out of Linked in, mine too start saving to contacts again. Also, the problem surfaced for me after I upgraded to an iphoneX. But it would be a HUGE step forward for Scanable if you could tell it that something is a business card when it is intent on scanning it as a document. It is my most consistent frustration with the tool!
  4. I really appreciate this idea and would find it extremely useful. Clearly, the person who is consistently looking for dups in his/her EN database lives in a different universe from me. I sometimes find myself clipping a second time just to make sure I actually have the content and would love the warning. Or I am doing a similar search at another time and don't remember whether I clipped the content.
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