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  1. I have attached a file. I refer to the bar with all the font type, highlighting, text size etc Features I would think would be common sense to have in a note taking app, and which I feel I use as a student and so others would find useful include: The ability to highlight in more colours then just yellow?! Yes you can change text colour, but it depends on what you like - I prefer using different highlights, as I assume others would too Superscript/subscript - put this in there - its a farce trying to use the shortcut or finding it from right click menu! Link with dropbox! please, not everyone uses google drive can be put in submenu with google drive integration - see below Get rid or put in a submenu - replace with ones mentioned above Camera? google drive? Other then the above - I think its a fantastic note taking tool. I love the simplicity of it all. Just a few features needed to make it, in my view, the best. (and I have used OneNote before this so I can compare the two - it has a lot of features, but I felt for just note taking they were excessive...evernote has the right idea imo) :-)
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