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  1. Please, i request the possibility of: 1) Add the "formatting brush" icon. Copy text formatting and paste into selected text (same as Office Word) -Several times the default text is different from the pasted text, and it takes a long time searching for the correct font and applying it to the new text. 2) Add the auto-resize function of images pasted in text. - Large images make the note size large and heavy to open. Changing the image to a smaller format or size, losing little quality, would make notes lighter and prevent crashes on opening (routine situation I couldn't fix with Evernote support # 2901749) -My smarthphone constantly crashes when opening very heavy notes. (Smartphone Android 32gb ROM, 2gb RAM) Please, move this post for "Home > Product Feedback/Feature Requests > General Feature Requests" thank you, Raphael S.
  2. This suggestion is essential for us students who copy and paste texts with different formats. This option shoulding already exist and I do not understand why it has not yet been implemented. Without it, the Evernote team would be walking against the goal of the program. Suggesstion1: Add the brush feature to change some content with the same font / color / size, etc., of the existed in note, as with Microsoft Office Word. Esta sugestão é essencial para nós estudantes que copiamos e colamos textos em diversos formatos. Esta opção já deveria existir e não entendo o motivo pelo qual não foi implementada ainda. Sem isto, a equipe do Evernote estaria caminhando contra os objetivos do programa. Thank you David for this suggestion. Now it´s wait for an answer from Evernote support.
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