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  1. Well done Evernote. People who need the grid view the most are people who have a lot of notebooks. The grid view was the best way to quickly find a book without having to scroll a lot. Which means. most likely, the unhappy users are long term users, accumulating a lot of notes over time. But also, it will be hard for these long time users like me to leave if they're not happy, as their data is stuck in here. It feels like a calculated risk on Evernote's part, to not care about these users needs, although it's hard to a see a worthwhile advantage of taking that risk. But if the focus is not on keeping loyal long term customers happy what is Evernote trying to do? Is it all about acquiring new customers, who will never know or care about the grid view? If so, what should the old timers do? 1. Waste time posting on forums 2. Lookup this lifehacker post: How to Jump Ship From Evernote and Take Your Data With You https://lifehacker.com/how-to-jump-ship-from-evernote-and-take-your-data-with-1782841075 As soon as I can find some time now...
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