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  1. Hi I used to clip guitar tabs to evernote, with simplified article this used to work great. Now when I clip, it looks good in clipper, white space is preserved. When I save it and look it up in the web client, everything is OK too. However in the desktop client, the multiple spaces are truncated. Even worse: it seems to update the notes and the spaces are lost Eg: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/tab/herman_brood/saturday_night_tabs_70866. When clipped and viewed on the web, the article is ok, but looked back in the desktop it is no longer it was. Please fix this! Preview in web clipper: looks ok. When saved, the note looks right in web client and used to look right in the desktop client. In the desktop client, spaces are truncated. This means the sheet becomes unusable. Even worse: some of my collected chords are mutilated too. This defeats the purpose of using Evernote and makes the service unreliable.
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