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  1. I've been a premium user for 5+ years. Please make it easy to share a note/file easily via email, etc. WHICH DOES NOT LINK BACK TO EVERNOTE. In short, the fact that it's not easy to send a note via any of the normal Android sharing methods (email, text, etc.) drives me crazy. Only making it easy to send a link -- which links back to the Evernote platform -- is a transparent move from the Evernote Product team to drive people back to the platform. I do not want to help drive your growth when I share a note. I want to make it as easy/intuitive as possible for me to share, and for the person receiving it to see and access the note/file. If I would like to send people a link, I will. Please make it EASY (not just possible) to send a file/note in a standalone form.
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