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  1. I have two new business cards in front of me from a trip that I am just coming off and I'll be damned to put them in EN where they won't be synced with my iPhone contacts. I missed an important call last week because I had a card scanned in EN but not synced in my contacts. My phone didn't identify the caller, I let it go because I was busy, found out later I should have taken the call. I drove across town with my kids to find out their appointment had been cancelled. When I thought: 'Hey, if EN would just sync this information instead of _trapping_ it in EN this would not have happened." I feel this is a deliberate choice for EN to force me to use there app more- "Scan your cards they'll always be in EN - yah!". But the result is an incomplete loop of information. CONTACTS ARE MENT TO BE USED BY YOUR PHONE'S OPERATING SYSTEM. I am now making a deliberate choice to not use EN for keeping contact cards. Moveover, I'm pissed that I wasted half a day because of this incomplete feature. I no longer trust EN to manage my contacts because it only takes a picture of the card and contains the info **selfishly** in their own app. I feel like I am sticking with EN out sunk cost and Stockholm syndrome. It's a terrible feeling. I think I took the time to write this rant to convince me that my relationship with this service isn't working for me anymore. I have to find something better.
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