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  1. I recently upgraded from Firefox 56.x to Firefox Quantum (57.0.1), and the web clipper icon is no longer is showing in the toolbar. Other extension icons are there, and Evernote is still functional -- I can bring up the Note Taker with Ctrl-Cmd-N, and the notes are properly saved to Evernote -- but without that icon, there's no way to get to the clipper itself. Where did the icon go, and how do I get it back? I'm using a MacBook Pro running Yosemite 10.10.5. Thanks, -Kevin
  2. Evernote just said it had an upgrade to install. I clicked Install and Relaunch, and when it started to relaunch, it came up with a dialog that says it requires 10.11 (El Capitan) or later, and and I have 10.10. Never mind it didn't tell me that before it tried to upgrade, I don't want to upgrade right now; how do I load the previous version of Evernote that will run on Yosemite? (And also never mind why it told me it couldn't run, but didn't offer me a pointer to how or where I could load the previous version -- or simply keep a backup copy in case I needed to revert to it. I'll let Evernote.
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