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  1. Why do u think it is unlikey that someone access my iphone? As I said, my phone got stolen and I didnt set password for my phone. Therefore the thief open uo Evernote and helped me to deleted all my notes, even he go to trash and emptied my trash. Is this unlikely? Like I said, my backup is Jan22,2017. So all my notes after Jan22,2017 cannot be restore. And this Evernote is a piece of S H I T becoz they doesnt like to help people unless we are their members.
  2. Since my phone got stolen and logged in by another person, he deleted all my Evernote message, and I lost all my message (checked the trash, doesnt have anything). I then I remember I have backup my Evernote message on Jan22,2017. But all my message after Jan22,2017 were gone. Is it possible to retrieve them back? Any possible answer will be appreciated.
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